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Our Team

Merita (Marika ) LLeshaj

Business Owner / Broker

Founder of Dielli Real Estate

[email protected]

Mrs. LLeshaj studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Italian Language and Literature, Teacher & Translation. He specializes in the University of Foreigners in Perugia in this regard. He has also completed a Master in European Studies at the University of Tirana according to the Cards Program of the European Commission. It is certified as LIFE COACH and has stood out as one of the most active and successful Organizational Leaders for many years, in leading and guiding independent individuals towards a common development idea through sales and marketing, in collaboration with one of the most large in Europe with activity in Albania. She has also been one of the most active trainers in all the academic activities of the Organization. With very rich experience, starting from 2001, in the field of business, in various directions including and showed real estate, comes with Dielli Real Estate, to bring Innovation in this field in the Albanian market. It is characterized and guided by values ​​such as correctness, patience, dedication, seriousness, positivity, communication and high integrity, passion for work, development, community support, improving the quality of life for society, the impact and change of mindset, philosophy of life towards something better. It's Life Coach, Mentoring and Sales Training!

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Z. Ali Chauhdry

Our International Strategic Investment Partner

Mr. Ali Chauhdry has studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University (London), Air Transport Engineering at City University London Uk and a Master in Public Administration at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University (USA). Mr. Ali Chauhdry has years of experience in managing government relations in the private and public sectors, leading them in the international market. He has been an efficient and responsible manager in senior executive roles, overcoming complex problems and challenges, with important decision-making based on experience, work ethic and maintaining high integrity. He is the Founder, CEO and CEO of Arab Investment Group (ARIG). Mr. Chauhdry is also a private advisor to members of the Saudi royal family, representing several companies in the fields of mining, oil and gas, media and communications, real estate, health, and participating in many global social activities. Previously, Mr. Chauhdry has worked as an advisor to various politicians and government groups in Europe, Asia on international and public relations, has represented the media and international Youth Affairs at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. His extensive knowledge of business management comes from his experience in closing weighty transactions, including start-up financing, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and asset sales in global markets. He specializes in identifying the right opportunities, in building relationships with both governments and private companies. He respects and leads in increasing the level of human resources. Motivates mentors and leads talented professionals.

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Juna Seferi

Assistant & Manager

[email protected]

Juna studied at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, German branch, and has just completed Psychosocial Studies at the Mediterranean University. He has been part of Dielli Real Estate since February 2022. Juna comes in the role of manager and is a key point in supporting our work. Her several years of experience in the role of assistant and manager in various projects, as well as the talent for managing social networks, makes her unique and special.