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About Dielli Real Estate

Dielli Real Estate is a new name in the Albanian Real Estate market, a new visionary idea to build a company and a 100% Albanian brand. This name has been lovingly chosen to convey light and radiation in the home of every client who chooses to cooperate with us. 

It is conceived by the cooperation of 15 years of experience in the field of sales, of which more than 2 years in the real estate market. The idea was born in early 2021 and in October of the same year began to take shape. In a relatively short time, it has served dozens of dedicated customers, conducting a series of transactions in both leasing and sales. Through strategies, rules, quality of service, correctness, protection and special care for our customers, we have objectives and vision of development and expansion in the Albanian market inside and outside the borders and in the long run even further. 

Dielli Real Estate seeks to bring innovation to the Real Estate market, being first cooperating with all other new or older companies in the market. It also seeks to bring long-term partners around it, providing them with support and facilities to penetrate the market and in a genuine partnership relationship. Immediate success has come as a result of experience, hard work, respect and commitment to our customers, trust in partners, support of our satisfied customers, respect for our guiding principles, etc.… Dielli Real Estate, will work diligently and will be committed to serve with quality, integrity, and protect the interests of clients who choose to buy, sell, or rent or lease their property with us! 

Our maximum commitment and belief in our idea Sun, aims to gather around us, friendly clients, who will support and treat you with respect and honor! It is also a priority for us to increase the quality of service in the real estate market, supporting our new partners with information, professional training, collaboration with colleagues and friends from other countries, to share experiences and to further improve the service and access to our customers. We will also be fully committed to increase the value and attention of people to real estate agencies to see them as support and solutions in case they want to buy or sell! We will also make a major contribution to education with rules and procedures in the real estate market. 
Keywords in our Company are, Cooperation, Integrity, Dedication, Passion, Quality, Solutions, Support, Service, Respect, Agreement, Growth, Professionalism, Kindness, Knowledge, Results! We will do our best for you and we are honored with the appreciation you give us! Your support is invaluable to the Sun!

With Respect & Sincerity 

Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step.


We care for our clients and serve them professionally in the sale, purchase, rental or leasing of properties such as houses, villas, apartments, land, plots, business premises, offices, shops, etc.… We are also ready to help in the evaluation of real estate, we advise regarding market requirements, prices, areas, the possibility of using the premises, etc. We work with experienced individuals and builders to bring you the best properties. Very soon we will come up with a new professional training service complete with knowledge packages and development support in several personal and professional fields, in collaboration with the best European schools in this field.

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To build a company with offices throughout Albania and beyond, with professional service of the highest standards in the real estate market for our clients, supporting them with consulting in all services related to property, valuations, banking, insurance, etc. and our partners with international level professional training!

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We are always open to gather around us new partners, who will find in us first, Trust, Cooperation, Professionalism, Training and support for professional growth, Support to create work bases, foresight and vision, a long way to go, partnership and correctness, development space, inspiration and support for expansion, etc.…. If you want to work in real estate, this is the ideal place, where you will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the best in the profession, personal development, vision, positivity, integrity, kindness and benevolence!

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